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Why choose Vicki Donovan as your designer?


Many really important reasons. I just completed a kitchen renovation with Vicki and am so delighted with her and with the results. No surprise to me because I have worked with her before as I’ve decorated my home and my office and continue to enjoy the results of her talents. My mom bought furniture from her when she worked in a retail fine furniture store and was captivated by her charm and expertise.


Vicki’s prices are reasonable and fair and consistent from the outset…no big, expensive surprises. She is timely and always reliable to do what she commits to do plus extra, thoughtful help with a happy heart if you want it. She is an incredible designer, works swiftly and diligently, brings real creativity to the job along with a gift for choosing great color combinations. She always considers your taste, desires and your budget, is tactful if she has other ideas other than yours, and with her outgoing, enthusiastic personality relaxes you and carries you to the finish line feeling that you are protected from making inappropriate choices along the way. You will feel that she is like a great friend although she is totally professional.

She works hard, plans thoroughly, shops diligently and gives you no less than her very best.  I promise you that you will want to hire her again for your next project.

Donna Southworth

Have you ever experienced something that you felt like you needed to tell the world about?  This is the situation I find myself in.  I just had to write about Vicki Donovan, owner of Donovan Interiors and her unique style in design.  I still find myself standing in my beautiful home and saying "I can't believe this is really mine!"  She definitely got everything right.  I am in such awe of her tallent that I would be hesitant to ever change or add anything without checking with her first.  Vicki, thank you for giving me the home of my dreams.  If someone out there is looking for an outstanding interior designer, look no futher.  Your journey ends here!!

Linda Vigil

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