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Utilizing Every Square Inch

Small kitchens can be challenging to renovate. A poor layout can interfere with the ease of cooking a meal. It can also waste a lot of valuable storage space, making a small kitchen feel and appear smaller than it really is. When renovating a small kitchen the key is to utilize every square inch.

Take a look at the before pictures. You will notice that there is a doorway to the dining room. To the left of the doorway is a blank wall (this blank wall is the back of the coat closet in the foyer). Next you will find a very shallow pantry. The refrigerator is to the left of the pantry, with an L-shaped bar finishing off the left side of our kitchen. To the right of the doorway you will find a small base cabinet located next to our stove, with a corner base cabinet finishing off the back wall of our kitchen. Next you will see the dishwasher. The sink is next to the dishwasher with a window placed above the sink. One last base cabinet finishes off the right side of the cabinets which is next to a large double window. In the center of our kitchen triangle lies a large island.

The problems that we faced where: 1. The pantry and the coat closet were useless because they were both too shallow. 2. The doorway to the dining room was eating up way to much wall space. 3. The right side of the kitchen doesn’t function well due to the placement of the dishwasher. 4. The window is in the wrong place. 5.The island takes up too much room.

To make this space more user friendly we decided to re-do the entire layout so that we could utilize every square inch. To pick up some valuable wall space we decided to remove the doorway to the dining room and turn that room into a music room. My clients never used the dining room so that was a much better use for that space. Next we tore out the built in pantry and the coat closet in the foyer. Both were too shallow to use. By removing these three items it allowed us to make a u-shaped kitchen. Giving us more usable space. We decided to center the stove and microwave along the back wall. The small window above the sink needed to go because we needed to move the sink a little more to the left so that we could move the dishwasher to the other side of sink. By doing this, the door was no longer an issue when it was open. Our refrigerator got moved to the right of the dishwasher allowing us to place a much larger pantry in it’s old place. We removed the island so that we have a very comfortable kitchen triangle. Lastly, we decided to take our cabinets to the ceiling thus utilizing every square inch.

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