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Unusual Things

Being an interior designer, I love looking through home design magazines and books on home design. It’s something that I’ve been doing for most of my life. Nothing makes my heart go pitter pat like a beautifully decorated home, one that I can remember, something that stands out from all the others. So, what makes a memorable home you may ask? In my opinion, it’s using unusual things or using items in unusual ways.

When I refer to unusual things basically I’m referring to something that’s not in everyone’s home or it could be items used in an unusual way. For example, I took a beautiful old mirror and I am using it as a headboard in my guest bedroom. I have to admit, it’s quite stunning in that room and all of my guest remember it. It’s so unusual that my niece took a picture of it to show her mom. Several years ago, I found a pair of hand carved walnut capitals that were taken out of some old home and I turned them into a cocktail table in my living room. On that same table I have placed an antique sherry server. Again this is something you don’t see very often. In my living room I have a piece of furniture when opened it turns into a bar to make mixed drinks. On top of that bar I have a gram-a-phone from the 1920’s with a pair of Nipper Dogs that were originally used for advertisement. This isn’t something that you’re going to find too often in someone else’s home. I found a child’s wagon from the early 1900’s and I’ve used it as a cocktail table in my Mom’s home. My mom lives in an old farm house and it looks wonderful in there and it’s memorable.

The point that I’m trying to make is, when you’re decorating a home look beyond the typical retail store. In other words, make sure you use some unusual things or use items in unusual ways. I guarantee that people will remember your home.

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