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Removing Your Closet doors

Long ago, I remember doing a project in design school that has stuck with me over the years. What I learned was that a closet doesn’t have to remain a closet, especially if your room is rather small. In a small room a closet can be some very important real estate. Typically speaking a closet is two feet deep and it’s length varies depending on the size of the room and the location that the contractor places it. Well, a couple of years ago, I outgrew my computer desk in my home office. I needed more filing and storage options. Keep in mind that my office is the smallest room in my home and I had already filled the space with a large computer desk, a desk chair, a side table, a magazine holder, a chair and ottoman. There just wasn’t any more floor space available for filing and storage options. So I decided to remove the closet doors and turn my closet into a filing and storage area. My budget was very small so I purchased a used four drawer lateral filing cabinet and painted it brown to go with my room. Next, I purchased a sheet of cabinet ply wood and some trim to build cubbies around my file cabinet. We all have items that we need to store that just are not pleasant to look at like printer paper, envelopes, note pads, and business cards. Photo boxes with lids are the perfect way to store those kind of things. You can cover them in fabric to add some decorative appeal. All in all I only spent two hundred dollars on the whole project. More importantly, I finally have the filing and storage that I really needed just by removing my closet doors.

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