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More Usable Storage

People today have a lot of stuff. More clothes, shoes, bathroom products just to name a few. It can be challenging finding a place to store this stuff and that was the case of my clients. You see, they wanted to remodel their dated master bathroom and incorporated more usable storage.

All in all their bathroom was a great size. It just needed a little tweaking. To add more storage in their master closet we change out a double door for a pocket door. This gave us more wall space in the closet so that we could add additional shelving for clothing. It also gave us more wall space in the bathroom where we could add a towel bar (something that they didn’t have before). We had a large bath tub for soaking that they never used. It’s placement was kind of odd which meant that you had to walk around the tub to get to the shower or the water closet (i.e. it was in the way). So we decided to eliminate the tub. In it’s place we installed a large 5 foot by 5 foot shower. We replaced the old shower with a closet. This allow us to move the towels, sheets, and bath products back to the bathroom giving us even more space in the closet. Due to our layout of the room the vanity needed to stay where it was. My clients had obviously out grown their double vanity and had quite a few personal care products all over the counter top. So, we replaced the vanity with a new one and we add a storage tower so that we could store the personal care products out of site. All in all, we accomplished what we set out to do. By tweaking a few items we were able to design a beautiful master bathroom that had more usable storage.

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