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Draperies That Change

Recently, I made some custom draperies for a client of mine. What I love the most about this treatment was that this particular pattern offered lots of choices that made it possible to change the look of this drapery treatment. So, if your the type of person that likes to change things up this is the drapery treatment for you.

The name of this pattern is called the Tracy Valance and you can purchase it from This pattern is simple enough for a beginner. What I love about this pattern is that it has different layers so that it can be very simple looking or it can look more elaborate. For example, you can make it so that the main valance has one side in a certain fabric and the other side you could use a coordinating fabric on it. By doing this you can totally change the look of your valance by simply changing what side of the valance that you want to show. You can hang this treatment on a rod or you can attach it to posts and finials like I did. If you wanted to add another layer you could add the ties on top of the rings. Or you could add the flags on top of the valance to make it a little more elaborate. Keep in mind you could use a different fabrics on each side of the flag which can totally change the look of this treatment. So you see, you can totally change the look of this treatment by adding to it, deleting from it, or just flipping the fabric pieces over. In other words change is good when it comes to draperies that change.

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