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Do It Yourself Art

When it comes to accessorizing the walls of any design project, I like to vary the items that I use. To me, too much of the same thing is dull and boring. Sometimes, it’s easy to find a mixture of items to purchase for your walls and sometimes it’s near impossible. When you find yourself in the latter position consider making something yourself.

My home is what I consider a work in progress. I pretty much have all of the furniture that I need. The paintings, plates, wall sconces, prints, wall shelves, tapestry, mirrors, wall carvings, trays and wall brackets that I have collected over the years, I still love. The problem is that I still have a few empty walls that need to be accessorized and I can’t find anything that I love to purchase in the market place and trust me I have looked. This past fall my husband and I traveled to Europe. My mission was to take as many photos that I could in hopes that I may capture the perfect piece of art for my walls. Something that would remind me of that awesome trip we had taken. Needless to say, I took 2,024 pictures on our trip and out of all of those photographs I pretty much have enough photos to accessorized the blank walls in my home. Sometimes a little do it yourself art is all you need to finish accessorizing your home.

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