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A Few Simple Changes

In the world of interior design things are always changing. Color palettes and furniture that were popular a few years ago can quickly go out of style. So, what can you do to make your home look a little more current? Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple changes.

My advise would be to take a good look at the trends that are taking place in the home furnishings industry and incorporate a few of them into your home. Maybe it’s painting your walls a different color. Replacing the carpet with a luxury vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floors can also help to update your home. You could also try swapping out a few dated accessories for something a little more current.

Meet my client Connie. Connie realized that things were changing in the home decor industry, but she wasn’t ready to replace all of her furnishings just yet. What she wanted was a few decorating ideas to help update her home. So we decided to replace the carpet in her family room and several other rooms for something a little more current. A gray, beige, and brown laminate floor. Next, we decided to change out the red walls with something more neutral. We decided to keep the navy accent wall because navy is still a current color. These two simple changes really changed the way her room looked and felt. Her space looks a little more current, larger, lighter and airier.

So you see, by making a few simple changes you too can update any space.

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