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A Colorful Updated Kitchen

Recently, I had a client who wanted to update her kitchen, but, she didn’t want the typical all white kitchen or grey that almost everyone else is doing. You see, she loves color and since the rest of her home had color she felt that if she remodeled her kitchen in all white or shades of grey it wouldn’t go with the rest of her home I.e. it would stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. We also had a somewhat small budget to work with, and new cabinets were out of the question. Her cabinets were white and the finish on them kept us from painting them another color (they had a plastic coating on them and paint would not adhere to them). Basically, she wanted a colorful updated kitchen. When you find yourself wanting to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom and you don’t care for all of the decorating trends that are current, ask yourself what trends do you like? In other words use what you like and avoid the others. In our case my client didn’t mind using white in her kitchen she just didn’t want it to be all white. In her eyes all white was cold and non-memorable. I knew that her favorite color was blue and Navy blue was really in but I didn’t want to paint the walls in navy because it would make her kitchen really dark. So we decided to paint her walls in orange (a complementary color for blue), and the ceiling in a light blue. We would then use navy and white as her accent colors. We exchanged her white island for a navy island. New white quartz counters were added along with a white subway back splash. We updated her white appliances with stainless steal appliances. All new lighting was a must. Last but not least we tiled her floors in a twelve by twenty four inch grey and white tile. If you look closely the draperies have the same grey color in them. So you see, if you want to update your kitchen and you don’t care for all of the trends. Just use the ones that you do love and you too will love your new colorful updated kitchen.

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